Monday, 29 April 2013

Top 100 Women of the Bible - April 21st Book Review

I was on air again, Sunday April 21st and the book I talked about was The Top 100 Women of the Bible with the subtitle "Who They Are and What They Mean to you Today." It is a 189 paged book written by Pamela L.McQuade and published by Barbour Books. The Interesting thing about this book for me is, it made mention of women I don't think I have heard about. Take for instance, Syntyche whose account is found in Philippians 4:2-3. An excerpt from the book about the lesson to learn from her  life goes thus "Faithful Christians don't always agree. Sometimes their personal preferences don"t align perfectly, and that can cause stress and contention. It doesn't mean that either
has given up the faith. But all believers need to "agree to disagree in love"as John Wesley said. Their personal preferences should not cause damage to the gospel. When you have a difference of opinion with another believer in your congregation, do you deal with it in love, or does it become an opportunity to battle each other? You don't have to love everything your brother or sister does - just agree with that person that in Christ you will work together for His kingdom, not your own aims.

The book also made mention of Noah's wife and it had this to say: Did Noah's neighbors make fun of him for his ark building building project? Maybe so but as far as we know, his wife never discouraged him from continuing. Perhaps she trusted her husband because she'd seen the evidence of the wisdom his faith brought him. May she walked closely with God too.Whether or not she 'd chosen it, Mrs Noah became part of Noah's salvation mission.She had to live on the ark for many months, smelling the terrible odors the animals put off and trying to keep "house" in impossible circumstances. There must have been times when she wondered how she got into this-and what was going to become of her family. Stress-free living certainly wasn't part of the ark experience. I concluded by saying women should support their husbands.

I remember when I came out of the studio, a man walked up to me, shook my hands and said "Thank you for that concluding part about women supporting their husbands." I smiled and replied that it was my pleasure. But something struck me as I walked down the PRTV stairs, a wife will support her husband if he has proven to her to be worthy of it. Not someone prone to foolishness and inability to carry his wife along in his decisions.  Support may need to be earned. Or what do you think?  I will love to hear from you about this.