Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cheap Books Worth Reading

I reviewed a couple of books, about five of them yesterday on the Radio book club because they were small books and are very cheap compared to their content. Each of these books sells for N250 each, well that is at Oasis Bookshop, anyway. I will run through each one.

  Your Money In Tough Times  talks about personal finance from a Biblical perspective.  It borders on topics such as Knowing your weakness, identifying  money problems,  finding abundance in your budget, setting goals and adopting healthy spending habits and strategies for giving on any budget.

Beloved Names of God is one book i like and if you are like me that you love to praise God and don't like to use the common names we call God, then you will like this book too. This is because it lists about 99 classic names of God that has resonated throughout history and brought love, hope and comfort to millions of lives.

  Bible Prophecy Handbook.  Again if you are like me, that if you read the book of Revelation, you can't help but wonder what the passages have to do with you in this present age and dispensation, this book will give you an insight. It is a careful study of the Bible's prophetic  passages, offering intriguing insights into each one. From the Old Testament books of Daniel and Ezekiel, to the New Testament's final Revelation, the future unfolds in an amazing tapestry of images.